About Us

Geneobe wellness came into existence to provide people with a clear understanding of their health through personalized nutrition. At Geneobe wellness, our goal is to change the way that people see and think about health & wellness and to promote participation in effective behaviour change interventions.

What Makes Geneobe Unique?

Over the past few decades, the main focus behind any diet plan on wellbeing is to increase or decrease or maintain the number of calories a person ingests. But a growing body of research suggests that one of the reasons diets often fail because same foods can affect people in incredibly different ways and the same meal provides more calories for some and less for others. Therefore, it’s hard to create a diet that will work for everyone. We Geneobe believe that “every individual is unique”, so there is a need for “personalized nutrition”  is the way to analyzing our DNA to figure out what foods will make us healthiest and what best suits your body needs.
We, at Geneobe help people understand the complexities of our biologies first and figuring out the “personalized program” that fits you the best.


What our customer says about GNEOBE


“I tried different ways to reduce weight nothing worked out but finally found the right thing and the DNA test is the best part” 


—  Mohammed Ibrahim, Chennai

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