The world of personalised nutrition

The old adage goes " you are what you eat", but now we say " you are what your mother eats and you are what your grand mother eats" - yes! it's all about the gene - food interactions and it plays a major role in determining our health and well being. The way we fuel our bodies with the foods we eat are all impacted by our genetic make up. Like wise, food and its nutrients directly and indirectly influence our gene expressions.

This in turn dictates dietary needs and requirements of an individual for instance, the response to food varies from individual to individual explaining why some people can eat as much as they want and never gain weight. Thus, the emergence of personalised nutrition can provide solutions to emerging problems in public health domain by reducing the risk and prevalence of nutrition related diseases.

Unlock your DNA and explore a new you! Read more about personalised nutrition published on the journal of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics at this link

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