About us

Janani Tamil,
Founder, Geneobe Wellness


Janani is a Food Scientist and Nutritionist by academics and nutrigenetics expert by profession. She strongly believes  -  "The era of personalised nutrition is already here and it is time to revolutionize the weight loss & the wellness industry with precision nutrition". She has provided nutrigenetic counselling to more than 800+ clients so far . She has been involved in the personalized weight loss and wellness program for more than 10 years. Having herself lost more than 20 kilos, she has an intimate understanding & a personal passion for helping people achieve their weight loss & wellness goals. 

She has worked with Xcode Life Sciences, India, where she learnt to apply the knowledge of personalised genomics in dietary practice. Previously, she worked with Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in Rome and Cambodia specialising in maternal & infant nutrition. She gained her experience in weight management while serving with one of the renowned weight loss specialist in Dubai. And her love for food sparked while working with Nestle India, where she was involved in formulating and testing culinary products, offering her nutrition expertise.

She received the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Award by the European Commission for her post graduate program in Food Science and Technology in 2010. Her research program in Dublin, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and in the USA helped her to gain international experience in the field of Food Science & Nutrition.

Geneobe wellness is her dream come reality and it's her commitment to give back the society, a disease- free life. You can share your story with her, janani@geneobe.com



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